Just Completed

These pieces also went to Arizona. This dining table is English Walnut with a Juniper base. The four chairs are made from Mesquite and Juniper.

Over the winter we had to pleasure of doing a number of pieces for a couple in Arizona. This bed was built with English Walnut for the posts and Myrtle Wood for the slabs. The bench at the foot of the bed is all Black Walnut. We have also inlayed in numerous places turquoise and copper.

Our redesigned website will feature more photos of projects completed and also projects under construction in our blog site. These will give a better look at the projects as more information is available for that piece. More comments about construction, species of wood, color, finishes, tips on wood treatment for interior or exterior use and other ideas will be in the website.
We are planning in the near future to have a short video featuring our shop. Projects under construction, some of our 350+ slabs in our inventory, and possibly some of our construction techniques.

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